Why hire an event coordinator?



  • Saving You Time

 Planning an event is a full-time job, our full-time job, don’t make it yours!


  • Saving You Money

Experience and knowledge of the industry translate to cost efficient solutions.


  • Bringing Our Experience

Knowing what questions to ask, what works best and most importantly what will work for YOU (your style, your budget, your priorities—YOUR special day!).


  •  Being the Executive Producer

With so many different professionals coming together to create your perfect day, we are the one that connects them all and ensures they all deliver exactly what is expected while you are busy getting pampered for the big day.


  • Relieving You of Stress

We lift the stress from your shoulders to ensure you are able to enjoy the process and even moreso, your special day. 


  • Providing Honest Opinions

Giving truthful answers to help you make realistic decisions.


  • Being the Tie Breaker

When many voices are involved, it helps to turn to a professional for advice.


  • Bringing Focus

A refined, clear, and concise planning process managed by us, makes the lead up to your event straightforward and stress-free. 


  • Carrying Our Emergency Kit Everywhere

Everything from bobbi pins for loose ends, lollypops for low blood sugar to memory sticks and mascara—you will be glad to have this troubleshooting kit at your fingetips on your big day.


  • ​Ethical

We are responsible for upholding the ethical code and standards of the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. WPIC Code of Ethics



The average wedding takes over 250 hours to plan.  Whether you are looking for someone to guide you through start to finish, to make suggestions on certain aspects, to keep you on budget or to take the reigns on the day-of making sure your events runs exactly as you had dreamed...POSTMODERN can customize a planning package to suit your needs.